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    Some Tips for CCC Certification              



1. CCC Critical parts list

Try to make your Safety and EMC critical parts list as short as possible when applying for CCC certification. 


CQC requires very stringent rules controlling the critical components. Not only during the annual factory audit the inspectors will check to every detail of each critical component to see if the actual used parts match with the CQC test report, but also CQC requires to do annual reliability testing on each critical component. Also if you make any change to any critical component or adding a new vendor, according to the rules you have to make a file update with CQC.


2. Power supply

For CCC certification of a system, it is highly recommended that the power supply shall have its own CCC approval. Yes the CB report of the power supply will be accepted, but the problem is that if the power supply does not have CCC then you will have to include all the safety critical components of the power supply in your system's CQC test report. On the contrary, if the power supply has its own CCC approval, then you can list it as one single safety critical component in CQC report.


This makes a huge difference when it comes to the maintaining of the CCC certificate.  As we know from the above section CQC implements very stringent control over critical components these added power supply safety critical components will dramatically increase the difficulty to maintain the list. Plus, since the power supply is normally not your product this makes it even more difficult to control the safety critical components.


So in a word, using a non-CCC-approved power supply is theoretically possible, but in reality it will become a big pain when the annual factory audit comes.


4. Shipment

It’s recommended to ship the test sample directly to the test lab, and mark the shipping paper with “Test sample for CCC testing”. This will make it much easier to clear the China Customs. 


We can help with the shipping and clearing Customs if you need.


5. Use a good consultant

One of the big problems with China approvals is that the Chinese regulations are sometimes vague and different people can have different interpretation from it. This is true for CCC as well. Some CCC rules are not clearly specified thus different CQC engineers or the inspectors for factory audit may have different understanding and then will have different requirements to you product or process. So it is very important to use a good consultant to deal with CQC for the CCC matters.









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