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    China CCC Factory Inspection              



According to CCC rules, CQC will conduct factory audits as part of the CCC certification process. There are two types of factory audit: the Initial factory inspection and the annual factory audit.


1. Initial Factory Inspection

The initial factory inspection is required during a the CCC application process for a new product. CCC controls factory compliance by product category. That means if the factory is approved by CCC for manufacturing a certain type of product (type 1605 as an example), then any new CCC application for the same type does not require a factory inspection.


The initial factory inspection is focusing on the quality control system of the factory.


2. Annual Factory Inspection

Annual factory audit is required to maintain the CCC certificate. This factory audit is focusing on the manufacturing process of  a specific product on the CCC certificate.


Some of key items to pass the annual CCC factory audit:

1) Critical Component Control: 

CQC requests stringent control of both Safety critical components and EMC critical components. As part of the requirement the factory has to have component manufacturer ongoing quality test data be available during their audits. This data must be received with the components as they arrive at the factory. The data must;

-          Be Component Manufacturer production line test data.

-          Correspond to the commercial part number received

-          Be dated within the last 6 months

-          Be traceable to the Component manufacturing company.


Examples of the type of data Component manufacturer must provide are given below. The data type will depend upon the component type.

-          Dielectric strength, creepage and clearance measurements, measurements of critical dimensions, clamping voltages, operating voltages, capacitances, resistances, flammability test. 


2) Final Product Testing

Another requirement for maintaining the CCC certificate is the Final Product Testing on all CCC approved products, and for each factory which manufacture the product. Hence a single product may need to be tested more than once if this product is manufactured at more than one factory. It is imperative that this testing occur every 6 months. When the factory audits occur it is necessary to show the inspectors test results, which are no older than 6 months.


For more details for CQC factory audit regulations refer to “CQC Work Instructions for Factory Audit”. We have prepared an English translation for type 1605 and 1611 telecom products that are available here:












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