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  FCC & IC Approvals


TianHeng Consulting Inc. partners with two testing labs to provide FCC & IC certification services for clients who want to bring products into the US and Canadian markets.



FCC / IC Testing

 - Two lab locations:  One in Ottawa, Canada and the other one in ShenZhen, China for you to choose.

 - Good pricing: due to our partnership arrangements with both labs, we can offer very good pricing.

 - Local support: we provide local support to coordinate with the lab in case any issues occur for the testing.



FCC / IC Certification

Both FCC & IC Certifications will be handled by a TCB in Ottawa, Canada.



IC Representation

For clients who need Canadian Representative for IC certification, we provide this service with excellent pricing. Details >>



For more details please contact us at info@tianhengconsulting.com or call us at +1-613-2208490.







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