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NAL Certification



Network Access License (NAL) covers the Telecom requirements in China. It is a mandatory requirement for telecom products which are within the NAL product categories announced by China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT). MIIT is responsible for the Administration of Interconnection of Public Telecommunications Networks in China.


NAL has different rules compare to CCC certification, for example, it requires the applicant has to be a company physically located in China. If the product manufacturer is a foreign company, the applicant can be their business office, subsidiary, or distributor in China. CCC does not have this requirement.


Also the current China NAL regulations require that the Applicant for NAL certification must be a company located in China. If your company do not have a branch or office in China, we can provide a local Rep to work as the Applicant / certificate holder for your NAL certification project.


We can help with all of the above and provide a turn-key solution for the NAL certification. 


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