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CQC notice on Implementing New Version of GB17625.1-2012





The new version of China EMC standard GB17625.1-2012 has been published on Dec. 31th ,2012, and will replace the older version GB17625.1-2003. On May 28, the CCC certification body CQC officially announced the implementation of new standard GB17625.1-2012. Official link is here:



1. Timeframe for the GB17625.1-2012 update: 

  • Starting from 01 July 2013, the new version GB17625.1-2012 must be used for both New and Update CCC applications. 

  • Before 01July 2013, manufacturers can choose either GB17625.1-2012 or GB17625.1-2003 for CCC certification.

  • Deadline of update-- 01 July 2014: manufacturers can start to update the certification now, and shall complete the update before the next CCC annual inspection, but no later than 01 July 2014. 

2. Concerned Products: 
(07) Household Appliances 
(08) Audio & Video devices (excluding the Broadcasting audio devices and car audio equipment) 
(09) IT equipment, 
(10) Lighting products, 
(16) Telecom terminal equipment 


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