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China Approvals

 We offer turn-key solution for:

> China CCC

> China SRRC

> China NAL     

> Taiwan BSMI  

> Taiwan NCC  

> China RoHS   

> China WEEE



Canadian Representative Service

We provide Canadian Representative Service for clients outside of Canada and requiring an in-country representative to fulfill the Industry Canada requirements for Radio Equipment Certification and Terminal Equipment Registration. 


We will work on behalf of our clients and ensure that the enquiries  or audit sample requests made by Industry Canada will be responded in a timely and professional manner.

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IC Filing Service

We also provide IC filing service to our clients by submitting your IC certification applications directly to the Certification and Engineering Bureau of Industry Canada. We will manage all of your documentation and work closely with IC to ensure a smooth and timely approval of your products. 


We handle both Radio and Terminal product applications. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding this service.



Chinese Standards Translation                                                       

We create excellent English translation of China Standards including national GB standards and any other Chinese technical standards. We ensure the highest quality as our translators have solid technical background suitable for the translation.

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    CCC Certification
    SRRC Certification
    NAL Certification
   Canadian Rep Service



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